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Anonymous asked : Season 1 or 2 of TWDG?

Season 1. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think season 1 was perfect, and I definitely enjoyed season 2, but I felt like season 1 was a lot more solid. Like with season 2, I thought the first two episodes were really good (for me I felt that they were almost as good as season 1, if not just as good), but the last three were kinda shaky?

Like the story seemed to not have much direction, whereas with season 1, everything seemed to have a point. We’re trying to protect Clementine, but we’re also trying to teach her how to survive. We want to help her make the right choices in life. And it all leads up to Lee’s death at the end, where everything we taught her is finally brought to a head, as now she’s on her own. But then in season 2, there wasn’t really much of a purpose? I felt like we weren’t really leading up to anything, like all the conflict was just kind of randomly thrown it.

wow sorry it took forever for me to post this, it’s been in my drafts for like a day and a half whoops