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Anonymous asked : I just said that cuz I think I remember her saying she'd name the baby Omid as he was dying.

She said that? I don’t remember that, but then again I haven’t played that episode in a while.

It’d be sweet to have the baby named Omid, but idk it’d also be kind of weird. Personally I want the baby to be an Alvin Junior. Then they can call him AJ and that’d be adorable.

Anonymous asked : What if Christa ends up taking care of Rebecca's baby and names him Omid.

That’d be super sweet! I mean, naming him Omid might be a little weird, since neither of his parents even know who Omid is lol. But Christa taking care of the baby needs to happen. Like it’s vital to my well-being. 

Anonymous asked : Episode 5 prediction: Eddie arrives with a huge bowl of weed and gets everyone high and then they all become friends.

This is it. This is the plot of Ep5. You can all stop worrying about the spoilers because now they’re out in the open.

Anonymous asked : What if in season 3 we play as Christa. Like, what happened to her as we played as Clem. I think that's be interesting.

I think that’d be pretty cool! Or even if this was the plot for a DLC. That’d be cool too.